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Mid-Island Maritime Services Course Descriptions

Course Description
Safe Boating Instructions 101

(Ongoing Registration)

Sail or Motor

Safe boating courses are offered from March until October. They include "boating basics", "boating intermediate", and "advanced boating practices". All instructions are conducted by a Master level USCG licensed Captain on board one out of 8 of our training vessels or on board your vessel. Send us E-Mail for more info.

Tuition: $34.00 Per hour (Using your vessel)
Tuition: $115.00 Per hour (Using our vessels)
NYS Safe Boaters Course

(Check Back for Registration Window)

This course is the NYS Certified safe boaters course which satisfies the education requirement for boaters education in New York. This course is also instructed by a NYS Certified instructor.  We go one level above the rest by requireing our instructors also to hold a Masters License (M. M.)  which is issued by the Cost Guard. We offer a 2 week or 4 week version of this course.  Send us E-Mail for more info.
Tuition: $30.00 Per Person
Professional Maritime Training Section 1

(Hands on instruction-April through October)

This training is designed for individuals that either recently received their Captain's license or are looking to attain their license. This section includes both classroom and hands on instructions on board our single screw 31' Down Easter and twin screw 70' Lydia Yacht. Tuition is often subsidized through mate positions on board our charter vessels. All instructors are qualified and experienced USCG Licnsed Masters (M. M.). Send us E-Mail for more info.
Tuition: $147.00 Per Hour (4 Hours Per Class)

Professional Maritime Training Section 2

(Hands on instruction-April Through October)



What a better way to learn how to be a charter boat captain then to actually get out there and learn form the best. This section is designed to complement section 1.   Students become apprentices for professional and full time captains on board our charter vessels.  Instructors teach and guide students on the basic operation of charter vessels up to 100 tons. This training also qualifies as sea service. Tuition may be subsidized through positions as mates on board our charter vessels.  Send us E-Mail for more info.

Tuition: $85.00 Per Hour (4-8 Hours Per Class)

Class room instruction for all courses

(April Through October)

Classroom instructions for all courses are usually held at the Long Island Marine education center. A portion of the tuition is donated back to the museum.  Send us E-Mail for more info.


202 Woodcleft Ave

Freeport, NY 11520

Tuition: $34.00 Per Hour

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