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Maritime Services, Inc

Course Information for 2001

New York State Safe Boaters Course, MIMS Complete Safe Boaters Course, hands on instructions, classroom instructions, learn at the helm professional training.

New York State Safe Boating Courses

Classes offered:

****Mid-Island Maritime Services Complete Safe Boaters Package****
This course includes the New York State Safe Boaters Course (the 2 week or 4 week version) and a weekend or evening hands on power/sail boat session. All instructors are USCG Licensed Captains. Students are able to use their boat or any boat in our training boat fleet. We have 6 training boats from 14' to 31' along with a full service marina to offer our students.

****New York State Safe Boaters Course (Classroom sessions only for 4 weeks)****
This course is the general safe boaters course for New York State. Classes will meet once a week for 2 hours for 4 weeks. Text are provided.

****New York State Safe Boating "Crash Course"(2 weeks)****
We do realize here at Mid-Island that everyone does not have 4 weeks to devote to the safe boating course so what we did was create the "crash course" version of the basic NYS course. The same amount of material is covered but classes meet once a week for 4 hours for 2 weeks (breaks will be included). At the close of the class (week 2) students can opt to take the exam or they can make an appointment with the instructor to take the exam at a later date (no more then a week after the class).

Note: All hands on boating instructors are mandated by Mid-Island Marine Services, Inc.

*Hands On Power Boat Instructions*

Learn at the helm under the instruction of a United States Coast Guard Licensed and experienced Captain. We provide training for the general public, marinas, boat dealers, and other maritime providers.
$28.00 Per Hour (using your Boat) $72.00 Per Hour (Using one of our 5 training boats)

****Class Room Instruction****

It is always important to conduct classroom training in order to prepare for the on the water training and to debrief after the training.
Class room training:$25.00 Per hour
We conduct classes in Buffalo,
Freeport Recreation Center (as of spring 2001),
Long Island Marine Education Center,
and our South Main Street, Freeport Branch

Learn at the helm Professional Captain's training

In todays society, almost anyone can get a 100 ton captains license and there for not too many maritime busines owners hire newly licensed captains unless they have a ton of experience. Mid-Island Maritime Services, Inc. provides learn at the helm maritime training for recently licensed captains, soon to be licensed captains, or other maritime professionals who whish to sharpen their skills. We provide use of our 31' charter boat for primary training. We also use several larger excursion vessels for training that range from 42' up to 72'. All instructors are United States Coast Guard Licensed Masters who are currently serving or have served as master on many vessels. In addition, all instructors have to undergo a check out process on each vessel before they can conduct instructions. We offer...
*Party Boat Management and operatoions
*Large Vessel Operations
*Advanced Instrument Navigation Training
*Crew Management
*Advanced First Aid and Emergency Procedures
*Pin Point Maneuvering
*Safe Anchoring Techniques
*CPR and First Aid Certification
And Much More
Many of our students are offered teaching positions as hands on boating instructors in our company as well as local marinas, camps, and boat dealerships. In addition, our students are guaranteed an interview with our charter boat company as well as local excursion boats. Internships are available on local party/charter boats for all students. Students can also use our company as a reference for applying to different maritime jobs. We have trained Captain's that currently work for private yacht owners, party boats, charter boats, ferry companies, and more. Click on the link below to visit our training page for more detailed course offerings.

      Professional Maritime Training

Let Experience Seperate You From The Rest!

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