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Mid-Island Maritime Services, Inc. Library

How TO Buy A Powerboat

Visual Distress Signals

Epoxy Gel coat Repair

The Sea Scout

Epoxy Fiberglass Repair

Teach Yourself Knots

Fiberglass Repair Volt II

Fishing 101 For Beginners

Great Lakes: Toronto/Welland Canal

Gel coat&glass repair V.III

Western Long Island Sound

Useful Knots For Boatmen

Basic Knots

Top 60 Tips: Electronics

Pre-Purchase Survey

Gel coat Fiberglass repair

12 Volts Made Easy

How TO Buy A Sailboat

''saltwater Fishing'' Video

Just Cruising

Outboard Engine Maintenance

Teaching Kids TO Sail

VHF Made Easy

Weather TO GO Boating

Heavy-Weather Sailing

Top 60 Tips: Navigation

Winterizing Your Boat

How TO Paint Your Fiberglass Boat

Diesel engine Maintenance

Modern Coastal Piloting

Improve Sailing Skills

Handling-Anchoring Boat

Celestial Navigation

Learn To Sail