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Mid-Island Maritime Services, Inc.

UEMS at Buffalo

April 12, 2001 to April 26,2001


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Course Syllabus:
This Course is a basic New York State Safe Boaters Course. New York State mandates the information covered in the course. Absences: You must attend every class in order to take the final exam and receive a certification. The only absences that are accepted must be documented (e.g.: a doctor’s note) or pre approved by the instructor before the first class. Grades: The only grade that counts for this course is the final exam grade. You must score a 75% or better in order to receive the certification. Quizzes will be available online the day after each class. For those who do not have computer access, paper copies can be arraigned. The quizzes are submitted electronically to the instructor, graded and your score along with an explanation for the question is e-mail back to you before the next class. The first quiz will be posted by Saturday evening on the web page. These quizzes are not mandatory, how ever; it is highly recommended that you complete these quizzes. Brakes: There will be one 5-minute break during each class. Certification: After successful completion of this course, you will receive a temporary safe boaters certificate and a separate Safe Boating endorsement issued by Mid-Island Maritime Services, Inc. In order to receive your full certification, you must fill out the forms provided the last day of class and provide a $10.00 check or money order for the state. Not to worry, you have already paid for this in your tuition. You will be reimbursed for 10 dollars from the instructor the last day of class. We mail your paperwork free of charge to New York State. You should receive your license and an insurance voucher in the mail with in 3 to 6 weeks. Insurance Discounts: Most marine insurance carriers recognize our certification and issue an insurance discount averaging 10%. If you are unsure as to wether your insurance company recognizes the NYS safe boater course, either you can call them or we will call them for you. We hope that you have a great time in the class. NO Question is a Foolish One. Your instructor is a United States Coast Guard Licensed Merchant Marine. Take advantage of his or her training. Introduction This Basic Boating Safety course is approved by New York State and recognized as acceptable to the United States Coast Guard Recreational Boating Program. This course covers basic boating safety concepts that you need to know if you intend to participate in water sport activities. It has been designed by marine educators to provide information to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to receive it. Email or your knowledgeable instructor will promptly answer any questions you have. A boating instructor who offers comments and clarification when necessary monitors your progress through the review quizzes. Please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions throughout the course.

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