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Maritime Services, inc

Professional Maritime Training Department

In todays society, almost anyone can get a 100 ton captains license and there for not too many maritime busines owners hire newly licensed captains unless they have a ton of experience. Mid-Island Maritime Services, Inc. provides learn at the helm maritime training for recently licensed captains, soon to be licensed captains, or other maritime professionals who whish to sharpen their skills. We provide use of our 31' charter boat for primary training. We also use several larger excursion vessels for training that range from 42' up to 72'. All instructors are United States Coast Guard Licensed Masters who are currently serving or have served as master on many vessels. In addition, all instructors have to undergo a check out process on each vessel before they can conduct instructions. We offer...
*Party Boat Management and operatoions
*Large Vessel Operations
*Advanced Instrument Navigation Training
*Crew Management
*Advanced First Aid and Emergency Procedures
*Pin Point Maneuvering
*Safe Anchoring Techniques
*CPR and First Aid Certification
And Much More
Many of our students are offered teaching positions as hands on boating instructors in our company as well as local marinas, camps, and boat dealerships. In addition, our students are guaranteed an interview with our charter boat company as well as local excursion boats. Internships are available on local party/charter boats for all students. Students can also use our company as a reference for applying to different maritime jobs. We have trained Captain's that currently work for private yacht owners, party boats, charter boats, ferry companies, and more.

Our Goal...
To prepare the up and coming leaders of maritime industry for the operation and management of vessels in a proficient and prudent manner.


*Professional United States Coast Guard Licensed Master as instructors*
*A teaching staff with over 20 yeas of experience*
*3 Training vessels from 13' to 72'*
*Privite class room facilities*
*Internships with local maritime providers*

Training that we provide...

Seamanship & Boating Safety

This section focuses on terminology and the safe operation of commercial vessels, towing theory, and firefighting.

Boat Handling

(Power and Sail)
This section covers the theory and operation of commercial vessels (Power and Sail). While on board our training vessels, students put the text book skills learned in the class room to practical use. This training includes docking, maneuvering while underway, man overboard drills, and navigation.

Basic and advanced First Aid training/ Emergency training

This training is designed to prepare the student for emergency situations that warrant treatment of injuries that can occur in a maritime environment. Our basic course meets the coast guard requirements for CPR and first aid training. All sections are instructed by a New York State Licensed Cfr-D. Advanced training covers topics such as search and rescue exercises, maneuvering astern, principles of hypothermia, and a review of treatment for several types of possible emergencies.

Piloting and Coastal Navigation

This section sharpens the keen ability that is required to skipper a vessel through channels, harbors and coastal areas. Students are first shown methods of accurately establishing a vessel's position, and "dead reckoning" skills. After these skills are perfected, we take to our training boat for a trip. Additional study covers tides and currents. (4 to 8 hour underway time)

Electronic Navigation & Communications

This section covers inshore navigation, instrument navigation, chart navigation, and the operation of other devices such as VHF radio, Loran, GPS, and Radar. Applications are conducted onboard our training vessel.

Vessel Systems

This section includes a hands-on approach to learning and maintaining systems onboard commercial vessels. We walk through and learn the proper inspection of our training vessel and a local 72' excursion vessel.

Collision Avoidance Course

This section covers the theory and application of collision avoidance while operating commercial vessels. Topics covered include shiphandling, pilot house procedures, lights and sound signals, radar awareness in collision avoidence, operation in channels, give way and stand on vessel collision avoidence, and restricted visibility navigation.

Introductory Vocational Training

We provide training for specific maritime vocations such as tug boat operations, water taxi operations, party boat operations, charter boat operations, marine technician, large dinner cruise boat operations, commercial assistance towing theory and practical operations, ferry boat operations, casino boat operations and much more!

Let Experience Separate You From The Rest!